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Golden Giving

As you know, here at CharityLabs we are big fans of getting the best deals, and what could be better than free?

If alarm bells are ringing – good, more often are not there are catches when something like that comes along. But this is an exception!

Golden Giving offer a fundraising and donation website, and promise never to charge fees for processing donations, no set-up costs, subscriptions or commission. Given that between 5 and 10% of online donation totals often disappear in this manner, that’s a significant saving, meaning more money to your cause. And if you are in the processes of starting a new charity, well its one less cost to worry about.

How do they manage to do this? They are sponsored by reputable individuals, public and private organisations who share their view that giving is a social necessity, and as such work on the philosophy that the money raised online should not be pecked away by admin and running costs of private companies. So if you want to see all your online donations heading towards your cause, then I highly recommend you get in touch.

The founder of Golden Giving, Nathan Perez, said: “We have created Golden Giving as we want to ensure 100% of the public fundraising efforts and donations go to their intended charity. The professionals working for GG are delighted that they have the experience and technological expertise to help world-wide charities become more effective in their vital causes.”