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Mar 11

Building A Business Case for Upgrading from XP

Build a business case for upgrading from XP

Me ‘n XP go way back … Windows XP has been running for 12 years now. When it came out, George ‘W’ had just been sworn into office, Jeffrey Archer was starting 4 years at Her Majesty’s pleasure for perjury, and everyone would remember where they were when they heard about the Twin Towers. Yup, 12 years ago. And that is a hell of a long time in the tech world. XP is still very popular. Particularly, in my experience, with the charity sector. Its good, there is no denying that. Solid, reliable and dependable. But there are good reasons for this. Those annoying, nagging little updates that you always …

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Nov 05

Overcoming our attachment to attachments. How the cloud is leading to true collaboration.

Collaboration in the cloud

Cultural Change Recently I helped a charity make the switch to Google Apps when I came across a common stumbling block. It wasn’t to do with the differences between Google and legacy systems such as MS Outlook, but a cultural change in the biggest difference to the way we work since email itself. It was to do with collaboration. Now you may think that you are using technology to collaborate already, using email to share information and work on documents. But the truth is, using email is as much a hindrance as a help in many ways, and I thought I would share why this is. I took the information from two …

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Aug 06

How IT is changing, a case study

the landscape of IT services is changing rapidly

We recently helped a small organisation take their next step up in IT. And while I was doing so, it occurred to me how much has changed in the last five years, maybe even less. Of course, the first thing we do is check their current specifications, how they work, and where they want to be, and then find the smoothest way of getting them there. There were four of them, with potentially a fifth joining them occasionally, but working from Europe. They had email, provided by their web hosting service, but no server. This meant they were sharing documents via email, and in just seven months had nearly filled their …

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Jul 30

Make your website mobile friendly for free

make your website mobile friendly

If you’re a small charity and want to improve your mobile presence, and there are lots of reasons you should, then you should consider this service. Dudamobile is a company that offers you a free, if limited, service that allows you to put a small piece of code on your website (or via a blog plug in) that converts your website or blog to a format that is friendly for smartphone users. There is a very simple four-step process, after which they provide you with a small piece of code, and then you simply add it according to their instructions and your visitors who use smartphones are automatically redirected to a reworked version …

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Jul 27

The Psychology of PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint: you are feeling sleepy...

No-one’s professional life has been left untouched, and unscarred, by PowerPoint. Whether it’s overdosing on too much information, seeing too many ‘humorous’ generic clip art graphics, or the creeping guilt when you realise that the entire audience is going to need a stiff drink once you finished traumatising them. But help is at hand. A recent study (Kosslyn, Kievit, Russel and Shephard) has investigated other ways in which people unintentionally make slide show presentations unbearable, or as they say: “psychological principles are often violated in PowerPoint slideshows”. It’s well worth reading in its entirety, (go through the link, you can download the pdf on the right of the screen), and while …

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Jun 28

Microsoft increasing cost of software for some charities

Come in Windows XP, your time is up

Upgrade your software now! I was going to write a more detailed piece on this later, but recent news from Microsoft has made this a tad more urgent! A study by Charity Finance, written by Gareth Jones (Feb 2012) showed that 65% of the charity sector are still using XP. Now I liked XP. It was the most stable platform Microsoft had produced. In fact, I got my first job, in PR, doing data inputting. I think it was Windows 3.1, and for two days in a row it crashed, late in the afternoon, losing all the data. I went off and learnt how to fix it. They kept me …

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