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Oct 22

Get repairs for free

A broken light bulb, a bent pen nib and one tired liver

I was watching Mad Men recently, and aside from lamenting the fact that we don’t wear hats anymore (I even tried a trilby some years back – briefly.) I also looked at how different their desks were. I’m not referring to the bottle of scotch that seems to be in everyone’s draw. Specifically I wondered how anyone got anything done without a host of technology taking up all that real estate on their desks! For many of us, our reliance on tech starts before we even reach the office. Before nine, I’ve already checked all my emails on my phone, updated my itinerary and started catching up on my tailored …

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Jul 30

Make your website mobile friendly for free

make your website mobile friendly

If you’re a small charity and want to improve your mobile presence, and there are lots of reasons you should, then you should consider this service. Dudamobile is a company that offers you a free, if limited, service that allows you to put a small piece of code on your website (or via a blog plug in) that converts your website or blog to a format that is friendly for smartphone users. There is a very simple four-step process, after which they provide you with a small piece of code, and then you simply add it according to their instructions and your visitors who use smartphones are automatically redirected to a reworked version …

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Jul 02

Sharing Microsoft docs on Facebook

You can know let your Facebook followers have access to materials created in MS Office

Facebook is usually the first platform people think of when it comes to social media, and the charity sector has taken to it in a big way. Its virtually unparalleled in terms of generating online communities, sharing content and linking like-minded people together. There is another tool that can help you make the most of Facebook, called Docs for Facebook. It allows you to share your Microsoft Office documents, Word, PowerPoint and XL, straight from your organisations Facebook page. So, if you want your online audience to have access to fundraising packs, presentations or other tools that you think they might be able to use, you can find the very …

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