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Feb 26

Free guide to getting the most out of new ITC contracts

Don’t just sign on the dotted line …   There are a number of ways IT companies try to maximise your expenditure, so here is our free ten point guide to showing you what to look for, and what to insist on, new or upcoming IT contracts.   New Hardware. Unless it’s already part of your plan or budget, be wary of spending on new hardware as part of your upgrade or solution. More often or not, your current hardware can be upgraded at a fraction of the cost. Reselling. If you really do need new hardware, only let your IT supplier bill you for it if they can demonstrate …

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Aug 29

Understanding volunteer relationships

Volunteer analysis III

Every area of study has its founding fathers (or mothers, of course. Just going with alliteration there!) Classical Physics has Newton, nursing has Florence Nightingale (see?). Procurement has Peter Kraljic. In 1983, the Harvard Business Review published an article by Kraljic entitled “Purchasing must become supply management” and it became the focus of a new era of understanding procurement. Central to its theme was analysing the strategic relationships to your suppliers, measuring supply risk against the profit impact of each supplier. As you can see, it results in a classification of suppliers into four categories; Non-critical items Bottleneck items Leverage items Strategic items. It’s the starting point of any procurement …

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Aug 24

Should you be using Wi-Fi?

Using Wi-Fi with important data is unwise

It seems like we are hard-wired to believe that Wi-Fi is somehow better, more progressive than being hard wired. It’s true that in many ways in is more convenient. If you don’t have dedicated hardware in your meeting room that can access shared files, you’ll need to take your laptop for your presentation. (Oh, and seriously? Just take an old laptop, strip it of the inessentials, network it and keep it in the meeting room for presentations.) Need to do some research in a quiet room? Just pick up and go. Easy. But that’s not the whole story. Being wired has a number of advantages. Chiefly, security and speed. Security …

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Aug 06

How IT is changing, a case study

the landscape of IT services is changing rapidly

We recently helped a small organisation take their next step up in IT. And while I was doing so, it occurred to me how much has changed in the last five years, maybe even less. Of course, the first thing we do is check their current specifications, how they work, and where they want to be, and then find the smoothest way of getting them there. There were four of them, with potentially a fifth joining them occasionally, but working from Europe. They had email, provided by their web hosting service, but no server. This meant they were sharing documents via email, and in just seven months had nearly filled their …

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Jul 13

What to look for in a new laptop

the right specifications for your computer for your charity

I make no secret of being a geek, and whenever I hear about a new laptop I can genuinely get excited about CPU clock speeds, quad core processors and the amount of RAM the dedicated graphics card has. But, if you are buying one for your work life, what should you really be looking for? What are the specs that matter? Yes, this is about resource matching again. So lets look at the specification on offer, and what it actually means to the user.   Hard drive Did you know you can get 3TB hard drives now? That’s 3072GB, which is a lot for the average office worker. In fact, it’s a …

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Jun 21

Resource Matching

finding the right piece to the puzzle

What is resource matching? It’s matching your specific needs to your purchasing behaviour. One of the most common problems with purchasing is that it’s very easy to go on two criteria, price or specification. Price usually means going for the cheapest. I need an X, and the cheapest is Y. It’s understandable, budgets are tighter than ever and it’s natural to want to stretch every penny as far as possible. If you’re going by specification, maybe you have the luxury on insisting on the going for the Porsche turbo of whatever it is you need, or maybe you are looking at the lowest spec that you think you can get …

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