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Apr 04

Do you have a BYOD policy? Do you know if it’s happening in your organisation?

Mobile phones have come a long way in the last 40 years!

What is BYOD? Bring your own device, or BYOD, is a rising trend among all sorts of organisations these days. And it’s not going to go away. In fact, you may already be implementing it already without realizing it. People checking work emails on their private mobiles or tablets? Remote workers using their own laptops to check work webmail or with VPN access?  That’s all BYOD. In many ways, the rise of BYOD was inevitable. Increased personal computing power and the rise of the smartphone and tablets is part of the answer. The other aspect is how mobile we are these days, and the need to connect wherever we are, be it …

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Sep 17

Free mobile broadband … sort of …

samba mobile - earn 3G roaming by watching adds

Yeah, no such thing as a free lunch, but this is certainly worth considering. It’s a new model for paying for mobile broadband based on watching adverts, called Samba Mobile. Yup, sit down for a few adverts from the likes of Dell, Pot Noodle or British Airways and get some free broadband in return. You actually get to choose the ads you watch, and apparently it learns your preferences and starts to tailor them accordingly. So what’s the deal? It works on the 3 network. For tablets, £5 gets you a SIM (standard or Micro), and for £25 you get a dongle and SIM for a laptop. After that, you …

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Sep 13

My free Android tools

Given the relentless rise of smartphones (33.3 million since April 2005 and no signs of slowing!) I thought I’d show you the inside of my phone, as it were, and show you the FREE tools I use to get the most out of mine. Just in case you’re interested, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S2, updated to run the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. I’ll show you three folders, named Connect, IT and Office. Once again all the apps shown here are free, and most require you to be connected to either the internet or your dataplan.   Connect   This folder is full of the tools I use for comms. WhatsApp. …

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Jul 10

Working from home is more productive

working from home increases productivity and reduces stress

A little while ago I gave you a list of free software that enables you to work from home. With the Olympics getting ever closer it’s something you need to seriously consider. Travel times are expected to at least double, if not triple. While you may be willing to get out of bed earlier, and get home later, the truth is the patterns are going to be unpredictable, and you’ll find it very difficult to put in the hours at your desk. So, if you need to convince your boss that homeworking is a good idea, that’s half the story. The other half comes from a recent study from Stanford …

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Jun 27

Working from home during the 2012 Olympics

That's call a floor... soon to become a rare sighting.

I am a big fan of home working, and technology is continually making this a simpler proposition. Get it right and you can find it can be more productive than being in the office every day. It’s something we are going to investigate a fair bit here at CharityLabs. With only 30 days until the Olympics, anyone based inside the M25 needs to have a plan to cope with the distinct possibility that getting into work (and back home!) just doesn’t seem feasible. I got caught in a trial run at London Bridge about a month or so ago, and it took me 30 minutes just to get through the gates. …

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