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Oct 04

Get more life out of your laptop – hardware edition. Pt 2

  In the third and final edition of this series we are looking at upgrading your hard drive. As we mentioned earlier  you can now buy hard drives with 3TB of storage, that’s 3072GB. Give it ten years and we’ll probably have that on our phones (if we’re still using ‘phones’) but at the moment, that’s an awful lot of data. You’ve likely got somewhere between 300 – 600GB on your machine, and 750GB should be more than enough for your work as well as a couple of HD videos and a decent music collection. For when you’re travelling, of course. But there are two reasons you’ll want to upgrade. …

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Sep 24

Get more life out of your laptop – hardware edition. Pt 1

Cheap ways to improve your PC

So, if you’ve followed the first steps and your PC is running a bit better. But you still need a bit more ‘oomph’.  To continue with the race car analogy, we are now tinkering with the engine. So what is the cheapest way to get better hardware performance? We’re going to look at RAM here, and your hard drive in the next part. Preparation. Do a full back up! Including the OS. Essential for a hard drive replacement, but also important for a RAM replacement, as there is a small chance, very small, that something will go wrong. It’s never happened to me, but better safe than sorry. Switch off, unplug from the …

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Sep 21

Get more life out of your laptop – software edition

Run a slicker, faster machine

This is the start of a series about extending the life of your PC, be it laptop or desktop. The idea is to show you how to breathe new life into a machine that you are on the verge of replacing, with the intention of saving you money. To that end, all of the program and tips here are free to use or implement. So why is your computer running slow? A good analogy is to consider the difference between normal cars and racing cars. Essentially the same machine, it’s just that the latter has had everything unnecessary stripped from it to reduce weight. Certainly, they tweak the engines and …

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Jul 13

What to look for in a new laptop

the right specifications for your computer for your charity

I make no secret of being a geek, and whenever I hear about a new laptop I can genuinely get excited about CPU clock speeds, quad core processors and the amount of RAM the dedicated graphics card has. But, if you are buying one for your work life, what should you really be looking for? What are the specs that matter? Yes, this is about resource matching again. So lets look at the specification on offer, and what it actually means to the user.   Hard drive Did you know you can get 3TB hard drives now? That’s 3072GB, which is a lot for the average office worker. In fact, it’s a …

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