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Jan 31

The Evil that is you Printer … part 2, saving money

Save on printing costs

So now we know how printers are designed to bleed you dry, it’s time to start saving money on your printer costs. Forgive me, but I am going to assume that you are already finding ways to avoid printing as much as possible so these tips are designed to save you money on those times you really do need to print. What’s the first step? No matter the size of your organisation, the first step is to know how much you are spending already. Larger charities probably already have this at their fingertips. By which I mean they can send an email to their finance/accounts department, and after an audible …

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Sep 21

Get more life out of your laptop – software edition

Run a slicker, faster machine

This is the start of a series about extending the life of your PC, be it laptop or desktop. The idea is to show you how to breathe new life into a machine that you are on the verge of replacing, with the intention of saving you money. To that end, all of the program and tips here are free to use or implement. So why is your computer running slow? A good analogy is to consider the difference between normal cars and racing cars. Essentially the same machine, it’s just that the latter has had everything unnecessary stripped from it to reduce weight. Certainly, they tweak the engines and …

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Sep 13

My free Android tools

Given the relentless rise of smartphones (33.3 million since April 2005 and no signs of slowing!) I thought I’d show you the inside of my phone, as it were, and show you the FREE tools I use to get the most out of mine. Just in case you’re interested, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S2, updated to run the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. I’ll show you three folders, named Connect, IT and Office. Once again all the apps shown here are free, and most require you to be connected to either the internet or your dataplan.   Connect   This folder is full of the tools I use for comms. WhatsApp. …

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Jul 30

Make your website mobile friendly for free

make your website mobile friendly

If you’re a small charity and want to improve your mobile presence, and there are lots of reasons you should, then you should consider this service. Dudamobile is a company that offers you a free, if limited, service that allows you to put a small piece of code on your website (or via a blog plug in) that converts your website or blog to a format that is friendly for smartphone users. There is a very simple four-step process, after which they provide you with a small piece of code, and then you simply add it according to their instructions and your visitors who use smartphones are automatically redirected to a reworked version …

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Jul 02

Sharing Microsoft docs on Facebook

You can know let your Facebook followers have access to materials created in MS Office

Facebook is usually the first platform people think of when it comes to social media, and the charity sector has taken to it in a big way. Its virtually unparalleled in terms of generating online communities, sharing content and linking like-minded people together. There is another tool that can help you make the most of Facebook, called Docs for Facebook. It allows you to share your Microsoft Office documents, Word, PowerPoint and XL, straight from your organisations Facebook page. So, if you want your online audience to have access to fundraising packs, presentations or other tools that you think they might be able to use, you can find the very …

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Jun 27

Working from home during the 2012 Olympics

That's call a floor... soon to become a rare sighting.

I am a big fan of home working, and technology is continually making this a simpler proposition. Get it right and you can find it can be more productive than being in the office every day. It’s something we are going to investigate a fair bit here at CharityLabs. With only 30 days until the Olympics, anyone based inside the M25 needs to have a plan to cope with the distinct possibility that getting into work (and back home!) just doesn’t seem feasible. I got caught in a trial run at London Bridge about a month or so ago, and it took me 30 minutes just to get through the gates. …

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