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Oct 22

Get repairs for free

A broken light bulb, a bent pen nib and one tired liver

I was watching Mad Men recently, and aside from lamenting the fact that we don’t wear hats anymore (I even tried a trilby some years back – briefly.) I also looked at how different their desks were. I’m not referring to the bottle of scotch that seems to be in everyone’s draw. Specifically I wondered how anyone got anything done without a host of technology taking up all that real estate on their desks! For many of us, our reliance on tech starts before we even reach the office. Before nine, I’ve already checked all my emails on my phone, updated my itinerary and started catching up on my tailored …

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Jul 09

Using your credit card

when to use your charity's credit card

Ahh, the company credit card. If we were city bankers this would be about expensive champagne and over-priced food on very small, square plates. Probably made of slate or something. Credit cards are normally associated with impulse purchases or booking flights and such in our everyday lives. But there is another side to credit cards that has a more practical aspect. It comes from a piece of legislation called Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Catchy, no? It means that if you pay for a product, or a service, for an amount between £100 and £30 000 the credit card company shares the risk, officially called “equal liability”. …

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