Jun 18

The Stationery Amnesty

nom nom nom

You know this is what happens…

Like socks in washing machines, things in the office can often inexplicably go missing. Staplers, for example. I mean, do people eat them? Probably not. However, despite trying to keep the office up to date and fully stocked with the necessities for office life, you can often find you are continually replacing items that aren’t consumables!

A quick look through your invoices and you’ll probably start to see the pounds add up. But what can you do? People need to be able to get on with their jobs, and while the odd £30 or £50 every now and then might not seem much, it all adds up, and quicker than you might think!


The truth is that when that report needs to be checked, that letter enveloped or your proposal needs proofreading, people just grab what ever is at hand, and tend to walk off with it. Unintentional hoarding, as it were.

So, maybe every three to six months, call an office wide Stationery Amnesty! Get a box, a big one, and put a suitably sized label on it declaring it as such. Let everyone know the deadline, and ask them to put any un-needed duplicate stationery into it. Pens, staplers, highlighters, the lot. Closer to the deadline, start hiking the box around the office and get the last strays to contribute.

You’ll be surprised: I’d estimate you’ll get about £3 per person, so in any sizeable office, that’s going to be a nice little order!


Good luck, and let us know how you do!