Aug 06

Special Olympic Promotion!

In light of a fantastic and fascinating weekend where Team GB did us so proud, CL Analytics are own offering their procurement services for a fee of 20.12% of first year savings! (see what we did there?!)

Running for the rest of August 2012, this means that a visit from CL Analytics is guaranteed to pay for itself almost 5 times over in the first year alone – and we’ll set you up to make sure you continue to run more efficiently in the future.

We know that whoever does your procurement does the best they can, but that they have a whole raft of other responsibilities.

We aim to save you 25% of your running costs. How? CL Analytics works with you in the following ways:

  • We use our leverage as a procurement company, and our network of contacts, to find better deals for the things you use everyday
  • We check your contracts and SLAs to make sure they are correctly tailored to your needs
  • We set you up with a schedule to plan ahead to make sure you get the best savings in the future as well.

Its the long term goal of CL Analytics to make the charity world a more efficient place, and save more of their money for the things that really matter!

So if you’d like a visit that is guaranteed to save you money get in contact, or find out more here.

We look forward to helping you!